Home Automation

Home automation is one of our most popular specialties here at BigCityAlarm, the premier provider of hi-tech discount security systems for homes and businesses alike. We're the industry's value leader when it comes to everything necessary to fully automate your home the 21st Century way!

With us, home automation is about more than just gadgets and other gee-gaws. We think that an automated home – a "responsive" home, a living home, if you will – means a haven that's intelligent...almost aware! At BigCityAlarm, our expert technicians are so knowledgeable that they can blend science fact with science fiction to create the security system of the future – for you today...all at a price that can be easily paid off tomorrow!

You can trust BigCityAlarm for all your home or workplace security needs, including automation, access control, communications systems – the works. If it's important enough to secure, it's too important not to entrust things to us! We're famous for our insightful consultations and expert installations. And while money is no object for many of our clients, we still pride ourselves on offering the best prices in the business when it comes to equipment and services. That's the BigCityAlarm guarantee: always the best, in service, selection, and savings!

We'll work closely with you to address all your needs, respecting your budget while trying to maximize your dollars to get you the best system money can buy. BigCityAlarm home automation packages are designed for every level of need, with state-of-the-art hardware that makes any home an intelligent one. Imagine access control via biometrics. Picture the lights coming on – at just the right luminance, at the right speed – as you walk in. We can wire anything to do anything, all at a quality that's affordable.

We are BigCityAlarm. Contact today for your free no-obligation professional consultation!